Rehabilitation Protocol for Tennis / Golfers Elbow Release or Repair

Phase 1 – First 3 weeks

  • You can remove the bulky dressing the day after surgery.
  • The dressing underneath may be a little bloody and can usually be left alone.
  • Start to increase the range of motion, gently bending, straightening
    the elbow and pronating and extending the wrist (turning it palm down
    and palm up) within the limits of discomfort.

Phase 2: 3-6 weeks

    • You will be seen in the clinic for a wound check at 3 weeks
    • The range of motion of the elbow will be assessed
    • Continue with exercises, flexing, extending, pronating and extending.
    • These will be essentially the same ones as you were doing before the surgery.
    • Aim: To have full motion by 6 weeks


Phase 3: 6-12 weeks

    • You will be seen in the clinic at 9 weeks
    • Start to work on the strength of the flexor and extensor muscles,
      continue to work on the range of motion
    • Aim: To achieve full strength by 12 weeks


12+ weeks

  • Clinic review if necessary
  • If full movement and strength has been achieved you can be discharged from the